Voter awareness to determine a candidate for chairman. By: Tyas

Organization into a power struggle in the end there someone who works unhealthy. One’s position in the organization is considered as “something” great. In fact, if THE WAY to get the seat is not good, automatically becomes a blunder between good intentions and real actions of the person.

People who want to be leaders in an organization should be able to EMPOWER constituents. Give them learning that they have the right to choose freely according their conscience which is in line with the vision and values ​​of their lives. Not by giving money so they choose candidates for the leadership of the organization. In the end I observed, a nation we are very happy to maintain a society that stupid. People who think they do not have a choice so that only they can do.

And if voters were able to THINK BIG they can see the effects of long-term leadership of the voters. If voters only vote for candidates based on the leadership of the money given, in which the money can be gone in an instant regardless of the amount it would never be enough. Both voters and leaders will be equally overwhelmed.

Choose leaders who are able to bring you to be great and stands on its own feet. Not the leaders who make your life never changed which always depend on others. Because for me, the best leaders are those who can score the next generation of leadership as young as possible!

Selamat berkemah, selamat berjuang, selamat bekerja…
Tulisan ini saya buat untuk seluruh pemilik suara untuk memilih siapapun dalam organisasi mereka dan kepada calon pemimpin dimana-mana.

Warm Regards,
Shining you always ☆

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