How to Behave as a Princess

Behaving like a Princess is about more than just learning better manners. Princesses are strong women who use their courage and brains to make life better for others. Princesses boldly face the responsibility of being a princess all while letting their inner beauty bring light to everyone around them. If you want to learn to be like your favorite incredible princess, let wikiHow help! Get started with Step 1 below to learn how to behave like a princess.

1. Improve your grammar. Princesses should speak well and so should you! Practice your speech and improve your grammar and vocabulary to become more like a princess.

2. Improve your posture. Princesses stand tall and proud. Work on your posture and stand straight to get the princess look.

3. Make yourself smarter. Princesses are smart and help solve problems. Study in school and learn more about the world so you can be a problem solver too.

4. Work on being a kinder human being. Kindness is a very important princess quality. Be kind and help people, to make yourself as beautiful inside as you are outside.

5. Practice your humility. Good princesses are humble. Try your hand at real humility and people will admire you like a princess.

6. Practice good manners. Princesses of course have perfect manners! You can work on your own manners by researching or asking your parents or grandparents for help!

7. Always be polite. Work on your politeness, especially when you’re around people outside your family, and you’ll have a real princess quality. Politeness is really disappearing these days, so you’ll really set yourself apart too!

8. Work on your food etiquette. For sure one of the most important parts of being a princess is having perfect dinner etiquette. All those different forks and spoons, when to eat what, how to act….it’s a nightmare! But with a little study, you can get through a meal with all of Kate Middleton’s grace and poise!
● Have good manners when you eat. For example, work on your dinner manners.
● Avoid spitting out your food. You definitely don’t want everyone to have to look at that chewed up spinach. Yuck!
● Be neat when you eat. Your princess dress will get ruined if you spill spaghetti sauce down your front! Eat neatly for a royal meal…

9. Take proper care of your body. Princesses must be clean and look as perfect as a painting. You can do this too!

10. Become a style icon. These days, everyone loves to watch the royal style icons. You can make your own waves in fashion by being effortlessly stylish every day!


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